Three new apps for 2015


Create, archive and share your lists.


Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!


Initially, as an off-shoot of the boutique design and marketing firm Estebull, JrPixels was created as an entrepreneurial technology incubator to develop and create proprietary products and services ranging from iOS / Android mobile apps, web-based solutions, to technology driven consumer goods, as well as gaming apps.


As we grew it became clear we could do much more. Founder, Ryan M. Fuller, hand-picked the core team, which now creates consumer centric apps that augment the Facebook experience or presents utilitarian answers to specific problems. Additionally, we create apps that serve or solve specific business needs.

For 2015 we are building three apps that are built to enrich the Facebook experience. With the flagship, Archive, we’re building the world’s first repository of contemporaneous culture in the form of the things "we" love most, and in so doing fashioning an ever- evolving “history of us” to be stored and referenced forever, which prompts us to say, "Don’t just share what you love, Archive it!"

The other two apps are still stealth right now, but they're fun, family friendly user experiences that capture the attention and augment the Facebook experience.