JrPixels LivinLife app - experiencing the world through second hand information is not enough, if we want authenticity we have to initiate. Search through our large database of activities in all categories. Inspire others to start Livin'Life. Your activities can be posted to most social networks as well as those who follow you in the Lvin'Life app. Be inspired by those you follow. See what activities they are doing and join in the adventure all while keeping track of your own adventures.

JrPixels is entrepreneurial incubator that develops & creates products and services ranging from iOS / Android mobile apps, web based solutions to technology driven consumer goods. We create ideas that live in the future and work hard to bring them to market.

JrPixels creates clean and simple UX and UIs. Always keeping the functionality and consumer needs in mind. We also attack the project so no time is wasted, the weather app you see below was conceived and designed in a single day.

Mailing Address
JrPixels Corp
1048 Irvine Ave. #357
Newport Beach, CA. 92660

JrPixels is always open for partnerships with other like minded compaines and people. We look forward from hearing from you.