Case Study - Chumba Racing (now Chumba Cycles)

This super high-end mountain bike company came to us in need of help designing and developing their products and advertising/marketing collateral in ways that would increase sales, drive web traffic, and increase their brand value and brand footprint.

Outcome: We designed a seat clamp that became their number one selling product of all time. We also designed the frame and graphics for their new bike, the VF2, which became one of their best-selling frames ever; the photos and videos for which became the most seen MTB photo on PinkBike and won both POD and VOD. Additionally, we created the tag line (and logo), “Transcend Geographical Boundaries”, which was later trademarked and remains the company’s slogan today. The new catalogs, website, magazine designs, and advertisements increased brand value and awareness, and the demand generation program we built for them increased web traffic to the core site, as well as all the related advertising units, all of which were highly monetized. Two years later the company was successfully sold for a huge multiple, and now under new ownership, is called Chumba Cycles USA. 

A little about this photo above.

This photo was the most viewed DH Mountain Bike Photo of all time. Shot by Ryan M. Fuller and Featuring World Masters Champion Lars Tribus. This photo was shot near Oakley's headquarters in SoCal. This photo has received more that 96,000+ Views on PB as well as over 4200+ Favs and 590+ comments. This photo has also been featured in Decline Magazine.

Featured on Pinkbike in 2008 and would become the 3rd most viewed photo on their site ever.

Pinkbike's most viewed photo of 2008. This Photo also won "Photo of the Day" on July 26th 2008.

On Pinkbike this photo was the most favorited photo of 2008, it was also featured in 4 of Pinkbike's Articles.