6 Mobile App Strategy First Principles

It is a truism that building a great app is difficult, but turning it into a profitable business can be even more challenging.  So, when we build your app, we like to follow these six first principles:

  1. Always start with an MVP – keep it simple and flexible – this enables a scalable model and keeps cost down.  We strongly recommend using agile development here.
  2. You MUST ensure data security across all devices, platforms, networks, and clouds.
  3. You must commit to moving the app from pretty to transactional, i.e. business model driven.
  4. Apps do “things”.  These things represent a process, which is ultimately a data set.  You must commit to the idea that your app is a data collection tool and therefore must represent a complete workflow.
  5. The focus should shift from user acquisition to monetization, continuous improvement, and engagement as the app matures.
  6. IT (yours, your client’s, potential partners, etc.) must be able to leverage the app from the cloud while retaining rich functionality and scale, or if it’s a 3rd party app and not necessarily going into the app store, ensure IT departments have all the same access and command and control capability. 

And, as always, remember the JrPixels mantra: 

Strategy drives policy.  Policy initiates process.  Process creates outputs.  Outputs build outcomes.  If you do this well, you win.  Game on!

Cheers and good luck!