7 Things for App Launch Success

Mobile strategies are about deepening human connections and extending the brand-to-human experience in new and innovative ways.  Yet, consumers are a fickle bunch with very high expectations and the business of getting and keeping their attention has never been harder.  

Here are seven things to help the launch of your app be as successful as possible.  

  1. Clear Business Objectives.
    • Strategy drives policy.  Policy initiates process.  Process creates outputs.  Outputs build outcomes.  If you do this well, you win!  Game on.
    • Just in case the 1:1,000,000 happens, put a plan in place to allow for a quick ramp up of operations, production, marketing, etc.
  2. This one is critical – delay your launch until your product is truly ready, i.e. nobody wants a Windows Vista on their hands – yikes!
  3. Thoroughly test the product to ensure its differentiators are in fact meaningful to consumers/buyers/users, etc.
  4. New category/market segment?  Keep it simple.  Really simple!  If people don’t “get it”, they won’t use it.
  5. Understand your market.  Know your buyer persona(s).  Does an anti-persona exist?  What will people pay and why?  What does their buying journey really look like?
  6. Craft a “launch roadmap” position piece that details the processes, systems, financials, marketing, advertising, and operational workflow required.  If you want to succeed, NOT doing this is NOT optional.
  7. Always use case studies.  Few exceptions exist to these rules, so our advice is: When in doubt, write it out!

In service of the above, some questions to ask yourself are: 

  • Did you do your research?  No, really, actual research, i.e. not the usual suspects already involved with you company.  
  • Have you tested the product or service in closed groups or with a sample set of the public?  

If you haven’t completed everything listed above, then I will impart the words of my late grandfather, the Federal Judge, when he said, “Sandy, there’s nothing but air and opportunity standing in your way.  Get to it!”

Enjoy and good luck!