We Love Our Friends at AUGUST

I met the CEO of August, Sean Wing, from a random message he sent me on Facebook.  We had some common interests and friends and he thought we should meet.  After meeting at a local coffee shop, and chatting for about two hours, we were life-long friends.  I added him as a workout partner and we shared the roll of sounding board for one another; bouncing ideas and thoughts off each other about everything we could think of … life, his app, my apps, my camera company, and all the challenges you have to wade through to keep a product alive.

August recently launched its flagship product and this provided the direction and focus for its first major marketing and user acquisition push. 

The app is amazing.  It’s like Instagram, but with more depth and the ability to tell much richer stories … and it doesn't stop there.  The video uploads are unlimited (meaning you can watch and post a short film if you wish); you can follow your favorite stories, add them to your feed, and watch others grow their stories over time.  It’s a place for music creators to gain the fandom of an Instagram user because you can listen to full songs; something that can’t be done on competing platforms. 

JrPixels has volunteered its help in any way we’re needed.  Lately, we have been helping August run gorilla marketing campaigns, reaching over 30,000 new people a week.  

Check out my story on August: https://agst.co/s/7am4Z1AOjx

Also visit their site and download the app at www.agst.co